Recent Developments 2

I’ve decided to push back the encounter with Karin to the beginning of next session, as opposed to the end of last session, so for all intents and purposes, it ’hasn’t happened yet.’ The reason I’m doing this is for simplicity’s sake: this way, people can do things in camp between last session and the next.

New side quests are available, and remember that you can always recruit a companion to do them with. Picking the right companion for a particular side quest can lead to special encounters and rewards.

In addition, the camp and the areas around it are still ripe for exploration, if you’ve the urge; you never know when the decision to randomly wander through the camp could lead to an interesting encounter, or to meeting a valuable ally.

If you’re interested in training, four trainers are currently available: Commander Manson, Auria Dagger, Sovereign and Zorolas.

Recent Developments 1

Your group decides that it would be a good idea to catch up on reading as the Imperial forces continue to scout the landscape of Purgatory. As time passes, you begin to learn a bit more about your companions.

You can embark on some side quests if you’d like, and remember that you can always recruit a companion to do it with. Picking the right companion for a particular side quest can lead to special encounters and rewards.

Of course, if there’s anything else you’d like to do in the camp, just send me a facebook message, and we’ll figure it out.

Of course, you can still pursue training if you’d like. Three trainers are available: Commander Manson, Auria Dagger, and Zorolas.

Those of you that are reading the ability-enhancing books, you may now gain the benefits of one book. The book is destroyed.

Further Events

Taldrim was cut off from his god.

Stryke Tybalt Manson restored Taldrim’s connection to Wee Jas.

Thanas acquired a starship.

The party joined the Terichian group known as ‘The Free Dwarven Society.’

Bolt, an former member of the ISS joined the party.

The party met Juliette.

A prophecy was found that led the party to believe a force from Terichia may be destroying gods of Ebonhurst.

The party traveled back to Ebonhurst, seeking a way to travel to a domain of one of the missing deities in order to gain more information.

Lyra leaves the party.

Taldrim leaves the party.

The party gains information from Stryke that allows them to modify the Lady Luck and fly to the sun, the possible home plane for Garl Glittergold.

The Lady Luck crashes in Purgatory. The party learns of the existence of the ‘home of a god’ beyond a large gate, requiring two keys to open.

Castiel joins the party.

The party meets Dimitri in the Castle.

The party meets Anara in the Castle.

Dagon joins the party.

The party meets Marrow-Gnawer in the Castle.

The party meets the Lich Librarian in the Castle.

Soma joins the party.

Thanas is killed, and revived as a zombie, under the command of the witch in the Crypts.

The party defeats the witch in the Crypts. They gain the first gate key.

The party convinces Twinblade to give them the second gate key.

Bolt reveals himself as Stryke and sacrifices himself in order to give the party time to get through the gate.

The Lady Luck seems to be unable to effectively fly in Purgatory.

Thanas uses to Gem of Split Ressurection to split Stryke into Bolt and Bartuk.

The party discovers a holy water spring.

The party discovers a town filled with daemons.

The party meets Tynik in his shack.

As the party and Tynik are about to be overrun by undead, they are rescued by Imperial forces.

The party meets Sergeant Erik Ryes.

The party meets Bartuk.

The party gains access to the Imperial Camp.

The party meets Auria Dagger.

Thanas is restored to life by the Archdaemon of Lust.

Thanas meets Zorolas.

Arrival in Terichia
Exploring the Tunnels

We realize that we can go North or South from our current location. To the North there is a door and to the South a long passageway that turns off leading somewhere out of sight. We decide to go North.

Behind the door are metallic skeletons. Although slow to ideas at first, the group soon begins pushing the skeletons back from the door and proceed into the room. Shortly thereafter finishing them off. On the opposite wall is a portcullis, a small passage behind it, and a second portcullis leading to another room. We manage to get through both portcullises.

The Treasure!

In this room we notice a door on the far wall and some script above it reading, “The key lies within a ring of flames.” We find the key in the middle of the chandelier from the previous room. Taking the key with us we return to the locked door beneath the script and use the key to open it. Behind the door is a much smaller room containing three chests a torch and more script written above the chests saying, “Choose one.” Lyra chooses the chest on the left and opens it. Inside is a pair of glasses, a belt, and a robe. Taldrim examines the glasses to find out that they are glasses of detect magic. The group allows him to keep them. Magnus messes with the cloak and eventually determines that it is a cloak of Arachnida. Despite his best efforts, however, he was unable to determine what the belt did. The group decides the cloak will be best used if given to Thanas and thus she is given it. Greedy for more treasures the group nominates Thanas to open a second chest (as they clear out). She dies trying and after John brings her back we give up on the rest of the treasures.

A Large Source of Power

Backtracking, the group decides to proceed South this time. Eventually they come across a wall. Thanas finds a latch to open it and the group is once again able to progress. The group soon comes to a room containing four portals. One has a sword symbol representing might above it. A second has a staff symbol representing magic above it. The third has a lock-pick symbol above it representing skill. The fourth portal, which is off to the side, looking new and out of place, has the symbol of Zarus above it. Taldrim decides to leave his undead in the room. Magnus walks through the portal with the staff symbol above it. When he walks into is there is a loud pop and a flash of light and he is gone. Lyra heads through the portal with the sword above it, as does Thanas. Then Taldrim proceeds onward through the portal with the staff above it. John, being the last one, goes through the portal with Zarus’ symbol above it. With John finally arriving the group is back together in a new room containing a giant star-gate behind them and a dais with an onyx-black power-stone in the middle. While the group chats about what to do, Taldrim walks up and takes the power-stone off the dais and hands it to Thanas. They then go through the star-gate and find themselves in the room with the four portals.


Continuing down the hall, the group eventually reaches a part of it that opens up into a cool dark room. The main floor of the room is located fifty feet below. Up ahead is a circular pad right on the edge of the path where no railing is located. It is discovered that it is an ancient form of a magical elevator. Taldrim manages to take control of the elevator. After Taldrim ferries everyone down (including his undead) they find a passageway and follow it.

The passage is foggy. Soon the party comes to a strange jelly-like cube blocking the path. Magnus decimates it and the group continues forward ultimately arriving at another elevator. But unlike Taldrim’s elevator it is massive, large enough to hold everyone including the undead. Thanas places the power-stone in the center of the elevator and it begins shooting upwards. It quickly passes through the building, then the clouds, and further still into the stars. It keeps rising until the group notices something like Earth above them. The keep progress upwards through the dirt. While heading up Taldrim feels a connection being lost, as does John. But then John’s psycrystal comes out of his pocket and soon John feels his connection being restored. The elevator finally passes through the last of the dirt and emerging into a city. This city, though, has buildings taller than anything the group has ever seen before. As well as flying vehicles similar to airships, but less bulky. Everything seems very technologically advanced. The elevator, still rising, takes the group into the sky, flies over the buildings and out of the city. They continue over some plains and at last arrive in a building. The power-stone then cracks as the elevator comes to a rest.

One I Missed

Everyone was in the hall for a while.
Then Thanas walked into the room with the pool.
A being, which was a tentacle monster, rose OUT of said pool and began to rape Thanas.
Anyways, Elijah unleashed an Overkill on the creature, finally killing it.
After that, Elijah went into the room with all the keys.
He went insane, and began frantically searching for the key that opens the cage.
Eventually, Lyra walked in and beat the crap out of him until he was unconscious and dragged him out of there.
Thanas stared at the blue field for a while, and eventually commented that it reminded her of water.
She considered touching it, until Taldrim mentioned the distinct possibility that such an idea was MONUMENTALLY stupid.
Anyways, Taldrim went into the room with the pool, got a fish, turned it into a fish skeleton, threw it into the field, and realized that his connection with that particular undead minion was severed. So… no touchy.
Eventually, Thanas got the idea that maybe water would deactivate it.
She went to the pool, got a mouthful of water, spit it on the field, and the field deactivated.
As she stood there, mentally cheering herself on, she noticed a figure on the other side of the field—a bhuka.
Who mentioned that if she was planning on entering the room, she should probably hurry, as the field would reactivate soon.
So the group all crossed into the new room.
The Bhuka introduced himself as Magnus Grey, a name everyone recognized as the millionaire founder of MagnusLand, a waterworld theme park located in the desert of Imperial Center.
He (very begrudgingly) handed each of the group members a Bag of Holding full of gold, and explained that he was sent by Pelor to join them on their mission.
That said, he wanted to know what the HELL was going on, and what the mission was in the first place.
A question none of the party could answer.
After that, the (now five) of the party headed downstairs via a staircase in the room they were now in.
As they reached downstairs, Taldrim noticed that Lyra and Elijah weren’t with the group.
After a few moments, however, he heard a loud CRACK, and after that, they came down the staircase as well. The party found themselves in a corridor about ten feet wide, and began walking down it.
After about ten minutes, Taldrim noticed that the wall was directly behind everyone.
Eventually (a few hours later) Lyra began walking backwards, to see if the wall was following the group, or if new walls were coming up from the floor or down from the ceiling.
She noticed that the wall didn’t move at all, but, when she blinked, the wall was, again, right behind the group.
Anyways, the group navigated the underground passages for more than a day (including a sleep), before, finally, they found the staircase that they had originally descended.
The whole group headed back up, sick of the underground passageways, and headed back to the main hall.
Also, Elijah’s insanity has been cured at this point, by the by.
Taldrim and John showed Magnus the other rooms of the main hall (namely, the false door and the room of keys), since he hadn’t actually bothered to explore them when he first entered.
He scratched his head, picked up two keys from the room of keys, and took them to the false door. The first key unlocked the door, which opened to reveal a previously not-there hallway.
Anyways, you guys walked down the hall until you came to a T intersection, with a door.
Taldrim opened the door to find a room populated with a good few Brains in Jars.
Elijah looked at him and said “Well…do work, Taldrim”.
And he commanded what he could, killed the rest.

Kamakel Island

We get on the airship and Jack activates the plane shifter. After one use it breaks and we start shifting planes randomly. Eventually we arrive in Levitica. John hears word that a crazy dude knows about Terichia. The next day we visit him to learn more. While talking to him his friend Ayo walks up and tells us “Kamakel Island”1. He tells us never to look for them again and leaves with his crazy friend. We then go to the library to look up information about Kamakel Island. Six days later we return to Jack and he says he’ll take us to Kamakel Island. Lyra goes off alone and comes back telling us that she saw a tribe and a temple.

1 An island southwest of Imonal.

Karin's Keep
Another Attempt to Kill the Group
Sun’s Edge 24, 8217

     One of the guards stay behind and asks us if we know or have any idea why we were attacked. We tell him that he attacked us because of us looking up information about some location. We tell the guard about our first encounter with Jammis and he then leaves. We go to a tavern to eat. During the meal Thanas and Taldrim double over in pain. We decide to go to the Temple of Pelor. We just barely make it in time before Taldrim falls unconscious and the group, except for Lyra, are rushed to beds for healing (Content Not Found: john needed healing as well because he took on some of the pain from Taldrim and Thanas). The priests and physicians there cure us of what was ailing us. We decide to stay in a different tavern tonight (after the poison incident) and we head down the street to the Creaky Wheel.

The Assassin

     In the middle of the night Lyra hears a gurgling from the room next door. She wakes John and then they go next door to find a shadowy figure hovering over Thanas with a knife and Taldrim dead. Lyra quickly charges the perp, stopping him from killing Thanas. John rushes over to fix Taldrim’s spine. Lyra knocks the perp out and restrains him with our belts. John then revives Taldrim and brings him back to life.

     The group waits for the assassin to wake up and then begins to interrogate him. He says he doesn’t know anything and that he only follows his lord Zarus. They decide to wait for Taldrim to wake up before continuing the interrogation. Taldrim goes to the assassin, casts zone of truth, then asks why he “attempted” to kill Taldrim. They find out that he was sent to eliminate the group from Raboken who is an undercover cleric for Zarrus. We decide to take the assassin to the guards.

     After finding out from the guards that they don’t mind letting us leave, we get train tickets to Weatheroot.

     Two days later, we make it to Weatheroot. We then proceed to Taldrim’s house for dinner.

Onwards to Karin’s Keep!
Sun’s Edge 27, 8217

     We go to the Mhos Eisley Cantina to talk to some pilots about chartering an airship. We hear that Jack Harper is a very good pilot with a bit of a gambling problem. After talking with him for a while he offers us a choice: we can either pay him 400gp per person, or we can play a game of Liar’s Dice. The bet is that we each put up 500gp and he puts up a free ride for us all. The group decides to gamble with him. Shortly thereafter Taldrim wins the game earning everyone a free ride. Upon arriving at the keep we see around eighty soldier camps around the keep. They all seem to keep their distance from it. Jack drops us off right in front of the building and takes off as we rush in.

Inside the Keep

     In the keep we notice someone standing in front of us. He moves forward and attacks Lyra. He takes his mask off, after the attack, revealing himself to be Alek1. Lyra in a fit of rage activates her overkill (newly acquired) and kills him. A search of the room reveals a scrap of a journal4 in the corner.

     Upon entering the next room we see a raised dome thing in the center with a key inserted into the pedestal the dome is located on. After a search of the room Lyra locates another scrap of journal5.

     We proceed into another room to find that it looks like a surgical room. In this room Taldrim locates another scrap of journal6.

     The group heads into a different room. In this room the floor is a grate. There is a female elf under the grates asking for freedom. Taldrim lets her free and she climbs out then transforms into a white dragon2. Taldrim informs her that there is a large army just outside the keep and convinces her to let the party go free. After searching the room for a small while Thanas uncovers another scrap of journal7.

     After returning to the room with the dome we have Lyra pull the key out of the pedestal. Once this happens steam comes out of the pedestal, the dome rises up revealing a metal creature inside3. It begins to attack the group. We defeat it swiftly.

     At the top of the lift Thanas walks out and begins searching the room. She quickly finds another scrap of the journal8. In this room the group members, except Taldrim who is awesome, kept activating traps which made slimes appear. After a short while they figure the trick out and proceed into the next room.

     In the next room the group searches the room. Taldrim finds another journal scrap9. In the room is an alter.

     We go into another room. This room appears to be living quarters. In this room Taldrim found another scrap of journal10.

     The group head up the next lift to the next floor. In the center of the room is a strange statue-like thing with feather-like designs swooping down. Walking into the room Taldrim activates the statue. It dashes forward killing Taldrim and greatly hurting Lyra. Before the angel can kill Lyra it shuts down. John then runs forward and brings Taldrim back to life, again.

1 A person from Lyra’s past.

2 It must be very old to be the size that it is.

3 This creature is an adamantoise.

Scraps of Journal















Research for the Bridge of Dawn

     After being sent back to Onegas by Pelor, the group split up for a while to do administrative stuff then meet up at Content Not Found: lyra_ monastery for dinner, then proceed to an inn.

     The next day, after breakfast, we proceed to the Legal District to do research on the Bridge of Dawn1. We go to the Imperial Library which stretches hundreds of feet into the sky. Content Not Found: taldrim-kismar_ asks for a librarian to assist him. The librarian gives the group a tome. Content Not Found: john
looks through it for approximately an hour and a half. He finds that the Bridge of Dawn1 is located at the top of Karin’s Keep2. Asking a librarian for help on Karin’s Keep2 gets the group no information, as the librarian informs us that nothing could be found about the subject.

     A few minutes after leaving the library a human male, Jammis, approaches us to let us know that he hears that we are looking for Karin’s Keep2. He tells us to stop and when we imply that we will not he prepares for combat. Thanas gets owned, but the Jammis doesn’t kill her. He then leaves and we head back to the Temple of Pelor with the cool dude that gives us free healings. From there we move on to a library in the district. Once there we find out more information about Karin’s Keep2, Karin, and Xammux. While leaving the library we are confronted by Jammis and some thugs, but before they can do anything Onegas guards appear and kick their asses.

1 Constructed by someone named Karin3.

2 Hidden somewhere in the Skyridge Mountains. Constructed around 50 yrs ago by Karin.

The Bane of Quelixicup

Lyra briefly complains about a stomachache before passing out in pain. A quick look reveals that she is feverish and seems very ill. We take her to Rolep. He starts studying her condition, then draws a sigil on the ground and instructs us to place Lyra in it. After we do so, Rolep informs us that some time will be needed to heal Lyra of her ills. We head back to the main chamber and proceed down the hallway with the ‘head’ symbol.

At the end of the hallway is a big chamber with a big shiny red mountain kinda thing in the middle of it. Filled with greed, Thanas runs forward into the room, thus gaining the attention of the giant snake that the shiny red mountain is a part of. A fight with the snake ensues. After a short while Thanas is taken out and John begins to keep the snake distracted while Taldrim runs to and stabilizes Thanas. John manages to trick the snake into hitting itself, but this only angers it more and it breaks John’s leg. Taldrim then gets the snakes attention and summons a chimera skeleton to keep it busy while he works to get underneath the snake’s scales. He soon succeeds and channels negative energy straight into the snake. Wracked with pain the snake attacks Taldrim, who jumps out of the way, and forces the snake to hit itself. At this point the snake writhes and falls over dead, covering John with it’s body. Taldrim wakes Thanas up and they both attempt to save John, but he manages to save himself. Thus the snake, Arraxis the Cunning of Quilixicup, was dead.

The group returned to Rolep to check on Lyra and get her if she was ok. She had indeed finally finished healing and since the group was there Rolep gave out more healing to the rest of them. Finally together again the group proceeded down the final corridor.

Entering into a large room reveals a very large man standing before the group. He informed them that Quilixicup had ordered him to kill them all. Suddenly, a smoke cloud appeared where the man was standing and as it dispersed showed him to be missing. Lyra, having heard something, rushed forward revealing the man’s presence. Quickly the group surround him and begin to give him quite the beating. During the fight Taldrim got punched in the chest so hard his heart ruptured. Lyra then finished the man off. After a frenzied half-minute the group finally managed to save Taldrim’s life. As the large man was dying his heart was ripped out of his body by some invisible force and pulled through the ceiling.

Finally having all the pieces necessary to open the gate the group traveled through it and found themselves in a room filled with rocks. Further inspection reveals the rocks to be rubble from the ceiling which had begun to break in parts. Shortly thereafter a large screeching from above incites the group to look upwards and see a giant bird. Everyone quickly rushed to cover, except for Taldrim, just before the bird slammed down right on top of Taldrim. But his gambit worked as he was then able to channel negative energy into the bird. Just before it took off again Thanas managed to grab a hold of it and ride along with it. While in the air, Thanas managed to climb onto its back and stab into it, killing it. A short drop to the ground later and Thanas was back with the rest of the group.

The group finally decided to rest for the night and prepare for the upcoming battle with Quilixicup. We entered his chamber and soon initiate. A few hits later and Quilixicup blasts everyone adjacent to him away in anger. He then talked to the group for a moment, raging at them about how he is a god. Soon after that particular comment, Rolep walked into the room yelling that Quilixicup is not a true god. Rolep then, revealing himself as Pelor, ripped the divinity out of Quilixicup and began beating upon it. The group, with renewed vigor, quickly engage Quilixicup’s physical body. By the end of the fight the party had been victorious, but at a price, John had been killed. At this point Pelor finished off Quilixicup’s divinity and then resurrected John, since his use was not yet at an end.

Pelor then talked with the group for some time, answering what questions he could and providing advice where he saw fit. In the middle of one of his sentences, though, a very stunning human male strode into the room while interrupting Pelor. In a fit of rage due to Lyra’s backtalk, this man begins killing Lyra by crushing her against a wall, but Pelor stops him. Zarus, the man, tried to keep Pelor from sending the group on a mission and Pelor replied that we are needed. Pelor asked Zarus to allow us to be tested for the right to go. After informing us of our test to reach the Bridge of Dawn, Zarus left.

Continuing from where he left off, Pelor let us know that wee had been touched by an area called Terichia, the place from where Quilixicup came. Because of this we can be sent there on a divine mission. Then Pelor sent us back to Onegas.

Outside Knowledge
Zarus’ primary ally is Elaxor, and he gets along well with Asmodeus. There are very few churches to Zarus, but his priests are super devoted.

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