Arrival in Terichia

Exploring the Tunnels

We realize that we can go North or South from our current location. To the North there is a door and to the South a long passageway that turns off leading somewhere out of sight. We decide to go North.

Behind the door are metallic skeletons. Although slow to ideas at first, the group soon begins pushing the skeletons back from the door and proceed into the room. Shortly thereafter finishing them off. On the opposite wall is a portcullis, a small passage behind it, and a second portcullis leading to another room. We manage to get through both portcullises.

The Treasure!

In this room we notice a door on the far wall and some script above it reading, “The key lies within a ring of flames.” We find the key in the middle of the chandelier from the previous room. Taking the key with us we return to the locked door beneath the script and use the key to open it. Behind the door is a much smaller room containing three chests a torch and more script written above the chests saying, “Choose one.” Lyra chooses the chest on the left and opens it. Inside is a pair of glasses, a belt, and a robe. Taldrim examines the glasses to find out that they are glasses of detect magic. The group allows him to keep them. Magnus messes with the cloak and eventually determines that it is a cloak of Arachnida. Despite his best efforts, however, he was unable to determine what the belt did. The group decides the cloak will be best used if given to Thanas and thus she is given it. Greedy for more treasures the group nominates Thanas to open a second chest (as they clear out). She dies trying and after John brings her back we give up on the rest of the treasures.

A Large Source of Power

Backtracking, the group decides to proceed South this time. Eventually they come across a wall. Thanas finds a latch to open it and the group is once again able to progress. The group soon comes to a room containing four portals. One has a sword symbol representing might above it. A second has a staff symbol representing magic above it. The third has a lock-pick symbol above it representing skill. The fourth portal, which is off to the side, looking new and out of place, has the symbol of Zarus above it. Taldrim decides to leave his undead in the room. Magnus walks through the portal with the staff symbol above it. When he walks into is there is a loud pop and a flash of light and he is gone. Lyra heads through the portal with the sword above it, as does Thanas. Then Taldrim proceeds onward through the portal with the staff above it. John, being the last one, goes through the portal with Zarus’ symbol above it. With John finally arriving the group is back together in a new room containing a giant star-gate behind them and a dais with an onyx-black power-stone in the middle. While the group chats about what to do, Taldrim walks up and takes the power-stone off the dais and hands it to Thanas. They then go through the star-gate and find themselves in the room with the four portals.


Continuing down the hall, the group eventually reaches a part of it that opens up into a cool dark room. The main floor of the room is located fifty feet below. Up ahead is a circular pad right on the edge of the path where no railing is located. It is discovered that it is an ancient form of a magical elevator. Taldrim manages to take control of the elevator. After Taldrim ferries everyone down (including his undead) they find a passageway and follow it.

The passage is foggy. Soon the party comes to a strange jelly-like cube blocking the path. Magnus decimates it and the group continues forward ultimately arriving at another elevator. But unlike Taldrim’s elevator it is massive, large enough to hold everyone including the undead. Thanas places the power-stone in the center of the elevator and it begins shooting upwards. It quickly passes through the building, then the clouds, and further still into the stars. It keeps rising until the group notices something like Earth above them. The keep progress upwards through the dirt. While heading up Taldrim feels a connection being lost, as does John. But then John’s psycrystal comes out of his pocket and soon John feels his connection being restored. The elevator finally passes through the last of the dirt and emerging into a city. This city, though, has buildings taller than anything the group has ever seen before. As well as flying vehicles similar to airships, but less bulky. Everything seems very technologically advanced. The elevator, still rising, takes the group into the sky, flies over the buildings and out of the city. They continue over some plains and at last arrive in a building. The power-stone then cracks as the elevator comes to a rest.



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