Further Events

Taldrim was cut off from his god.

Stryke Tybalt Manson restored Taldrim’s connection to Wee Jas.

Thanas acquired a starship.

The party joined the Terichian group known as ‘The Free Dwarven Society.’

Bolt, an former member of the ISS joined the party.

The party met Juliette.

A prophecy was found that led the party to believe a force from Terichia may be destroying gods of Ebonhurst.

The party traveled back to Ebonhurst, seeking a way to travel to a domain of one of the missing deities in order to gain more information.

Lyra leaves the party.

Taldrim leaves the party.

The party gains information from Stryke that allows them to modify the Lady Luck and fly to the sun, the possible home plane for Garl Glittergold.

The Lady Luck crashes in Purgatory. The party learns of the existence of the ‘home of a god’ beyond a large gate, requiring two keys to open.

Castiel joins the party.

The party meets Dimitri in the Castle.

The party meets Anara in the Castle.

Dagon joins the party.

The party meets Marrow-Gnawer in the Castle.

The party meets the Lich Librarian in the Castle.

Soma joins the party.

Thanas is killed, and revived as a zombie, under the command of the witch in the Crypts.

The party defeats the witch in the Crypts. They gain the first gate key.

The party convinces Twinblade to give them the second gate key.

Bolt reveals himself as Stryke and sacrifices himself in order to give the party time to get through the gate.

The Lady Luck seems to be unable to effectively fly in Purgatory.

Thanas uses to Gem of Split Ressurection to split Stryke into Bolt and Bartuk.

The party discovers a holy water spring.

The party discovers a town filled with daemons.

The party meets Tynik in his shack.

As the party and Tynik are about to be overrun by undead, they are rescued by Imperial forces.

The party meets Sergeant Erik Ryes.

The party meets Bartuk.

The party gains access to the Imperial Camp.

The party meets Auria Dagger.

Thanas is restored to life by the Archdaemon of Lust.

Thanas meets Zorolas.



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