Kamakel Island

We get on the airship and Jack activates the plane shifter. After one use it breaks and we start shifting planes randomly. Eventually we arrive in Levitica. John hears word that a crazy dude knows about Terichia. The next day we visit him to learn more. While talking to him his friend Ayo walks up and tells us “Kamakel Island”1. He tells us never to look for them again and leaves with his crazy friend. We then go to the library to look up information about Kamakel Island. Six days later we return to Jack and he says he’ll take us to Kamakel Island. Lyra goes off alone and comes back telling us that she saw a tribe and a temple.

1 An island southwest of Imonal.


Since I missed a portion of the last session I’m not quite sure what the date is. If anyone could get that up, that would be awesome.

Kamakel Island

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