Karin's Keep

Another Attempt to Kill the Group
Sun’s Edge 24, 8217

     One of the guards stay behind and asks us if we know or have any idea why we were attacked. We tell him that he attacked us because of us looking up information about some location. We tell the guard about our first encounter with Jammis and he then leaves. We go to a tavern to eat. During the meal Thanas and Taldrim double over in pain. We decide to go to the Temple of Pelor. We just barely make it in time before Taldrim falls unconscious and the group, except for Lyra, are rushed to beds for healing (Content Not Found: john needed healing as well because he took on some of the pain from Taldrim and Thanas). The priests and physicians there cure us of what was ailing us. We decide to stay in a different tavern tonight (after the poison incident) and we head down the street to the Creaky Wheel.

The Assassin

     In the middle of the night Lyra hears a gurgling from the room next door. She wakes John and then they go next door to find a shadowy figure hovering over Thanas with a knife and Taldrim dead. Lyra quickly charges the perp, stopping him from killing Thanas. John rushes over to fix Taldrim’s spine. Lyra knocks the perp out and restrains him with our belts. John then revives Taldrim and brings him back to life.

     The group waits for the assassin to wake up and then begins to interrogate him. He says he doesn’t know anything and that he only follows his lord Zarus. They decide to wait for Taldrim to wake up before continuing the interrogation. Taldrim goes to the assassin, casts zone of truth, then asks why he “attempted” to kill Taldrim. They find out that he was sent to eliminate the group from Raboken who is an undercover cleric for Zarrus. We decide to take the assassin to the guards.

     After finding out from the guards that they don’t mind letting us leave, we get train tickets to Weatheroot.

     Two days later, we make it to Weatheroot. We then proceed to Taldrim’s house for dinner.

Onwards to Karin’s Keep!
Sun’s Edge 27, 8217

     We go to the Mhos Eisley Cantina to talk to some pilots about chartering an airship. We hear that Jack Harper is a very good pilot with a bit of a gambling problem. After talking with him for a while he offers us a choice: we can either pay him 400gp per person, or we can play a game of Liar’s Dice. The bet is that we each put up 500gp and he puts up a free ride for us all. The group decides to gamble with him. Shortly thereafter Taldrim wins the game earning everyone a free ride. Upon arriving at the keep we see around eighty soldier camps around the keep. They all seem to keep their distance from it. Jack drops us off right in front of the building and takes off as we rush in.

Inside the Keep

     In the keep we notice someone standing in front of us. He moves forward and attacks Lyra. He takes his mask off, after the attack, revealing himself to be Alek1. Lyra in a fit of rage activates her overkill (newly acquired) and kills him. A search of the room reveals a scrap of a journal4 in the corner.

     Upon entering the next room we see a raised dome thing in the center with a key inserted into the pedestal the dome is located on. After a search of the room Lyra locates another scrap of journal5.

     We proceed into another room to find that it looks like a surgical room. In this room Taldrim locates another scrap of journal6.

     The group heads into a different room. In this room the floor is a grate. There is a female elf under the grates asking for freedom. Taldrim lets her free and she climbs out then transforms into a white dragon2. Taldrim informs her that there is a large army just outside the keep and convinces her to let the party go free. After searching the room for a small while Thanas uncovers another scrap of journal7.

     After returning to the room with the dome we have Lyra pull the key out of the pedestal. Once this happens steam comes out of the pedestal, the dome rises up revealing a metal creature inside3. It begins to attack the group. We defeat it swiftly.

     At the top of the lift Thanas walks out and begins searching the room. She quickly finds another scrap of the journal8. In this room the group members, except Taldrim who is awesome, kept activating traps which made slimes appear. After a short while they figure the trick out and proceed into the next room.

     In the next room the group searches the room. Taldrim finds another journal scrap9. In the room is an alter.

     We go into another room. This room appears to be living quarters. In this room Taldrim found another scrap of journal10.

     The group head up the next lift to the next floor. In the center of the room is a strange statue-like thing with feather-like designs swooping down. Walking into the room Taldrim activates the statue. It dashes forward killing Taldrim and greatly hurting Lyra. Before the angel can kill Lyra it shuts down. John then runs forward and brings Taldrim back to life, again.

1 A person from Lyra’s past.

2 It must be very old to be the size that it is.

3 This creature is an adamantoise.

Scraps of Journal

















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