One I Missed

Everyone was in the hall for a while.
Then Thanas walked into the room with the pool.
A being, which was a tentacle monster, rose OUT of said pool and began to rape Thanas.
Anyways, Elijah unleashed an Overkill on the creature, finally killing it.
After that, Elijah went into the room with all the keys.
He went insane, and began frantically searching for the key that opens the cage.
Eventually, Lyra walked in and beat the crap out of him until he was unconscious and dragged him out of there.
Thanas stared at the blue field for a while, and eventually commented that it reminded her of water.
She considered touching it, until Taldrim mentioned the distinct possibility that such an idea was MONUMENTALLY stupid.
Anyways, Taldrim went into the room with the pool, got a fish, turned it into a fish skeleton, threw it into the field, and realized that his connection with that particular undead minion was severed. So… no touchy.
Eventually, Thanas got the idea that maybe water would deactivate it.
She went to the pool, got a mouthful of water, spit it on the field, and the field deactivated.
As she stood there, mentally cheering herself on, she noticed a figure on the other side of the field—a bhuka.
Who mentioned that if she was planning on entering the room, she should probably hurry, as the field would reactivate soon.
So the group all crossed into the new room.
The Bhuka introduced himself as Magnus Grey, a name everyone recognized as the millionaire founder of MagnusLand, a waterworld theme park located in the desert of Imperial Center.
He (very begrudgingly) handed each of the group members a Bag of Holding full of gold, and explained that he was sent by Pelor to join them on their mission.
That said, he wanted to know what the HELL was going on, and what the mission was in the first place.
A question none of the party could answer.
After that, the (now five) of the party headed downstairs via a staircase in the room they were now in.
As they reached downstairs, Taldrim noticed that Lyra and Elijah weren’t with the group.
After a few moments, however, he heard a loud CRACK, and after that, they came down the staircase as well. The party found themselves in a corridor about ten feet wide, and began walking down it.
After about ten minutes, Taldrim noticed that the wall was directly behind everyone.
Eventually (a few hours later) Lyra began walking backwards, to see if the wall was following the group, or if new walls were coming up from the floor or down from the ceiling.
She noticed that the wall didn’t move at all, but, when she blinked, the wall was, again, right behind the group.
Anyways, the group navigated the underground passages for more than a day (including a sleep), before, finally, they found the staircase that they had originally descended.
The whole group headed back up, sick of the underground passageways, and headed back to the main hall.
Also, Elijah’s insanity has been cured at this point, by the by.
Taldrim and John showed Magnus the other rooms of the main hall (namely, the false door and the room of keys), since he hadn’t actually bothered to explore them when he first entered.
He scratched his head, picked up two keys from the room of keys, and took them to the false door. The first key unlocked the door, which opened to reveal a previously not-there hallway.
Anyways, you guys walked down the hall until you came to a T intersection, with a door.
Taldrim opened the door to find a room populated with a good few Brains in Jars.
Elijah looked at him and said “Well…do work, Taldrim”.
And he commanded what he could, killed the rest.


This text seems familiar >_>

One I Missed

I can’t imagine why…

One I Missed

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