Recent Developments 2

I’ve decided to push back the encounter with Karin to the beginning of next session, as opposed to the end of last session, so for all intents and purposes, it ’hasn’t happened yet.’ The reason I’m doing this is for simplicity’s sake: this way, people can do things in camp between last session and the next.

New side quests are available, and remember that you can always recruit a companion to do them with. Picking the right companion for a particular side quest can lead to special encounters and rewards.

In addition, the camp and the areas around it are still ripe for exploration, if you’ve the urge; you never know when the decision to randomly wander through the camp could lead to an interesting encounter, or to meeting a valuable ally.

If you’re interested in training, four trainers are currently available: Commander Manson, Auria Dagger, Sovereign and Zorolas.



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