Research for the Bridge of Dawn

     After being sent back to Onegas by Pelor, the group split up for a while to do administrative stuff then meet up at Content Not Found: lyra_ monastery for dinner, then proceed to an inn.

     The next day, after breakfast, we proceed to the Legal District to do research on the Bridge of Dawn1. We go to the Imperial Library which stretches hundreds of feet into the sky. Content Not Found: taldrim-kismar_ asks for a librarian to assist him. The librarian gives the group a tome. Content Not Found: john
looks through it for approximately an hour and a half. He finds that the Bridge of Dawn1 is located at the top of Karin’s Keep2. Asking a librarian for help on Karin’s Keep2 gets the group no information, as the librarian informs us that nothing could be found about the subject.

     A few minutes after leaving the library a human male, Jammis, approaches us to let us know that he hears that we are looking for Karin’s Keep2. He tells us to stop and when we imply that we will not he prepares for combat. Thanas gets owned, but the Jammis doesn’t kill her. He then leaves and we head back to the Temple of Pelor with the cool dude that gives us free healings. From there we move on to a library in the district. Once there we find out more information about Karin’s Keep2, Karin, and Xammux. While leaving the library we are confronted by Jammis and some thugs, but before they can do anything Onegas guards appear and kick their asses.

1 Constructed by someone named Karin3.

2 Hidden somewhere in the Skyridge Mountains. Constructed around 50 yrs ago by Karin.



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