The Bane of Quelixicup

Lyra briefly complains about a stomachache before passing out in pain. A quick look reveals that she is feverish and seems very ill. We take her to Rolep. He starts studying her condition, then draws a sigil on the ground and instructs us to place Lyra in it. After we do so, Rolep informs us that some time will be needed to heal Lyra of her ills. We head back to the main chamber and proceed down the hallway with the ‘head’ symbol.

At the end of the hallway is a big chamber with a big shiny red mountain kinda thing in the middle of it. Filled with greed, Thanas runs forward into the room, thus gaining the attention of the giant snake that the shiny red mountain is a part of. A fight with the snake ensues. After a short while Thanas is taken out and John begins to keep the snake distracted while Taldrim runs to and stabilizes Thanas. John manages to trick the snake into hitting itself, but this only angers it more and it breaks John’s leg. Taldrim then gets the snakes attention and summons a chimera skeleton to keep it busy while he works to get underneath the snake’s scales. He soon succeeds and channels negative energy straight into the snake. Wracked with pain the snake attacks Taldrim, who jumps out of the way, and forces the snake to hit itself. At this point the snake writhes and falls over dead, covering John with it’s body. Taldrim wakes Thanas up and they both attempt to save John, but he manages to save himself. Thus the snake, Arraxis the Cunning of Quilixicup, was dead.

The group returned to Rolep to check on Lyra and get her if she was ok. She had indeed finally finished healing and since the group was there Rolep gave out more healing to the rest of them. Finally together again the group proceeded down the final corridor.

Entering into a large room reveals a very large man standing before the group. He informed them that Quilixicup had ordered him to kill them all. Suddenly, a smoke cloud appeared where the man was standing and as it dispersed showed him to be missing. Lyra, having heard something, rushed forward revealing the man’s presence. Quickly the group surround him and begin to give him quite the beating. During the fight Taldrim got punched in the chest so hard his heart ruptured. Lyra then finished the man off. After a frenzied half-minute the group finally managed to save Taldrim’s life. As the large man was dying his heart was ripped out of his body by some invisible force and pulled through the ceiling.

Finally having all the pieces necessary to open the gate the group traveled through it and found themselves in a room filled with rocks. Further inspection reveals the rocks to be rubble from the ceiling which had begun to break in parts. Shortly thereafter a large screeching from above incites the group to look upwards and see a giant bird. Everyone quickly rushed to cover, except for Taldrim, just before the bird slammed down right on top of Taldrim. But his gambit worked as he was then able to channel negative energy into the bird. Just before it took off again Thanas managed to grab a hold of it and ride along with it. While in the air, Thanas managed to climb onto its back and stab into it, killing it. A short drop to the ground later and Thanas was back with the rest of the group.

The group finally decided to rest for the night and prepare for the upcoming battle with Quilixicup. We entered his chamber and soon initiate. A few hits later and Quilixicup blasts everyone adjacent to him away in anger. He then talked to the group for a moment, raging at them about how he is a god. Soon after that particular comment, Rolep walked into the room yelling that Quilixicup is not a true god. Rolep then, revealing himself as Pelor, ripped the divinity out of Quilixicup and began beating upon it. The group, with renewed vigor, quickly engage Quilixicup’s physical body. By the end of the fight the party had been victorious, but at a price, John had been killed. At this point Pelor finished off Quilixicup’s divinity and then resurrected John, since his use was not yet at an end.

Pelor then talked with the group for some time, answering what questions he could and providing advice where he saw fit. In the middle of one of his sentences, though, a very stunning human male strode into the room while interrupting Pelor. In a fit of rage due to Lyra’s backtalk, this man begins killing Lyra by crushing her against a wall, but Pelor stops him. Zarus, the man, tried to keep Pelor from sending the group on a mission and Pelor replied that we are needed. Pelor asked Zarus to allow us to be tested for the right to go. After informing us of our test to reach the Bridge of Dawn, Zarus left.

Continuing from where he left off, Pelor let us know that wee had been touched by an area called Terichia, the place from where Quilixicup came. Because of this we can be sent there on a divine mission. Then Pelor sent us back to Onegas.

Outside Knowledge
Zarus’ primary ally is Elaxor, and he gets along well with Asmodeus. There are very few churches to Zarus, but his priests are super devoted.



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