Antihuman of the Order of the Manslayers.


Aqvilifer the Manslayer is perhaps the only man that could call Stryke a friend throughout the majority of his life. After the death of Maria, Aqvilifer agreed with Stryke’s plan to form the Order of the Manslayers, and was the first recruit. The two often trained together, sharpening each others’ skills, until Stryke journeyed to the Abyss to train, leaving Aqvilifer temporarily in charge of the Order. Upon his return, Stryke had ascended to a degree of power that even Aqvilifer could not match, and the two trained together no more, though Aqvilifer maintained throughout the years his role as the second most powerful Manslayer in the Order.

Aqvilifer is perhaps the most intelligent human to ever live, and he uses that to his advantage. He has no arcane or divine abilities of his own, but he has honed his mind and body to a razor’s edge, and many people believe that he has the ability to read minds and envision the future, when, in reality, he simply deduces what other people are going to do—or think—before they do.

After the death of Stryke, Aqvilifer ascended to once more take the role of Antihuman. He is a less cruel man than Stryke, but also even less forgiving, and with the full might of the Order behind him, Antihuman Aqvilifer is a force to be reckoned with.



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