Stryke Tybalt Manson

Antihuman of the Order of the Manslayers


Stryke is the leader of the enigmatic organization known as the Order of the Manslayers. He is an immensely powerful being, capable of devastating acts of destruction.

For reasons unclear, he had assisted the party on two occasions; once when he arrived on Terichia and restored the necromancer Taldrim’s connection to his goddess, Wee Jas, and once when he provided the party with a map to a Silver Knight’s base, where they were able to acquire a piece of equipment for the Lady Luck.

It was later revealed that he was the soldier Bolt, acting in disguise. He sacrificed himself for the party, and was brought back to life in two forms—a good persona calling himself Bolt, and an evil persona calling himself Bartuk.

Stryke Tybalt Manson

Shell Stryke