An adventurer who was transported to Purgatory.


Born to a middle-class family in Arc City, Tynik showed clear potential with divine magic from a young age, and had devoted his life to the healing arts before he was fully grown. At the age of fifteen, Tynik joined the adventuring group known as ‘The Thread of Peace.’

During the rescue of a town under siege by a large group of bandits, the Thread of Peace came into combat with a powerful demonic force. After seeing his companions brutally murdered, Tynik, enraged, channeled his healing powers into an ability he called ‘the void of life’ in an attempt to return his friends to life and defeat the demonic entity. His next memories are waking in Purgatory.

Tynik was paranoid to the point of insanity, but after spending time with Imperial clerics, he has regained a clear head, though he still has paranoid tendencies. Nevertheless, he is a competent healer, and a compassionate man.


Shell Stryke