Tag: Scout


  • Bolt

    After traveling with the party for quite some time, the soldier known as Bolt revealed his actual identity--that of Stryke Tybalt Manson, the founder and leader of the Order of the Manslayers--just before throwing himself into the fray against a multitude …

  • Auria Dagger

    Auria joined the Imperial Arcane Corps at the young age of fifteen, and served three years with flying colors. In 8239 VE, she was accepted into the Imperial Scout Service, and she quickly rose to the rank of lieutenant. In 8240 VE, she was tasked to …

  • Spiral

    Spiral is a member of Dagger Squad, stationed in Purgatory. He is young, but was recently given a battlefield promotion after single-handedly winning a battle at the front gate of Onegas.