Tag: Secret Society


  • University of the True

    The University of the True is the name of a little-known secret society that has rumored to exist for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. It's existence was formally disproven by the archaeologist Harrison Jones in 7842.

  • Order of the Manslayers

    The Order of the Manslayers is a secret society rumored about in hushed whispers. It is said to be led by a demon-possessed juggernaut of a man, and exists for one purpose; to annihilate all sentient beings not among it's ranks. In actuality, the …

  • Silver Knights

    Founded by the paladin Allan Whitecrow in the year 6500, the Silver Knights are dedicated to championing justice and righteousness. Members take a strict vow of silence concerning the organization, and any member who mentions it's existence is …