Ebonhurst is a massive fantasy world, which dwarfs Earth in both size and population. It is populated by hundreds of different sentient species, and an uncountable number of non-sentient flora and fauna.

The most prevalent sovereign force on the planet is the Vigilant Empire, which has existed for thousands of years, and has cultivated never before seen advances in magic and technology.

Alakir is one of the closest continents to Imperius, and yet hosts no Imperial provinces. Multiple countries within it, however, are members of the Imperial Alliance.

The Frozen Wastes is a dangerous tundra located around the northern magnetic pole of the planet.

Imperius is arguably the most populated continent on the planet, and houses the capitol of the Vigilant Empire, Onegas.

Swisear is home to some of the most inhospitable regions on the planet, and yet hosts a variety of strong and productive countries and Imperial provinces.

Torral is largely avoided, due to the very ground being imbued with massive levels of negative energy.

Ebonhurst has a large Pantheon.

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