Vigilant Empire

“On this day of victory, I call for something new! No more will we bicker amongst ourselves as to what great race deserves what rights! No more will we hold grudges against our fellow sentients because they were born orc, or human, or dwarf, or kobold, while our enemies grow stronger and manipulate us from the shadows! Today, we will become something better, something righteous, and something ever watchful for the forces of evil! Today, we become THE VIGILANT EMPIRE!” —Marrux Drowbane, Emperor of the Vigilant Empire

The Vigilant Empire is the largest sovereignty on the planet Ebonhurst, and was founded on the principle that all sentient beings are deserving of equal rights, regardless of what gender or race they are born of, a revolutionary idea at a time when racial tensions were still extremely high.

As a result, after thousands of years, racism has been nearly completely disposed of within the Empire, and it has become a welcome haven for beings (particularly half-breeds) who would be persecuted in other lands.

The Founding of an Empire

After the Underdark War finally came to a close under the newly appointed general, Marrux Drowbane, an obvious power vacuum was left. Whilst the various races were finally willing to work together in order to overcome an obvious enemy, once the drow were defeated, each race demanded what they considered they were due, that they might form their own kingdoms. Another war loomed overhead, one that would leave even fewer survivors than the last.

Marrux Drowbane gathered the leaders of each race once more, and brought forth the idea of an empire that stretched beyond racial boundaries, one in which all sentients would be considered equal. After a long period of deliberation, the orc chieftain Gurub Shatter-Axe stepped forward and agreed to be a willing participant, but only if Marrux himself would be willing to accept position as the first emperor. Upon seeing a former enemy willing to bury the hatchet for the sake of all, the dwarven king Magnus stepped forward and pledged his support, as well. A landslide of endorsement of the radical idea then occurred, and the Vigilant Empire was founded in what officially became the year of 00001 VE, on the date of Sun’s Edge 17.

In the year 212 VE, the dark elf Ambassador Vrai Delarax journeyed to Onegas to officially petition that his people be inducted as members of the Vigilant Empire. Many were hesitant, but Empress Kalissa ruled that equality of all species did, indeed, refer to all species, and that the drow were never to be refused citizenship if they sought it. The day the drow of Imperius were officially recognized as full citizens is now celebrated as Equality Day.

Vigilant Empire

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