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The Game

Liar’s Dice is a popular gambling game.

Every player is given five dice to start with. Each round every player rolls all their dice and looks at them keeping the dice hidden from everyone else. One player is designated to claim both a die number and an amount of dice, among all the players, containing that number. The next player then does one of three options: (1) Claim a new, higher, die number or a new, higher, amount of dice containing any claimed die number, (2) Claim that the previous player is incorrect, or (3) Claim that the previous player is completely correct.

If a player does:
(1) Then it is the turn of the next player who has the same three options.

(2) Then all players reveal their dice. If the number of dice showing the number claimed by the previous player is equal to or greater than the amount claimed by the previous player then the current player gives up one of his dice for the rest of the game. Otherwise, the previous player gives up one of his dice for the rest of the game. A new round is then started with everyone rolling whatever dice they have left. The ‘previous player’ is now designated to start the claiming process.

(3) Then all players reveal their dice and count them as if step two were done. The only difference is, there must be exactly the amount of dice claimed by the previous player. If it is exact then every player <u>except</u> the current player loses one die. Otherwise the current player loses one die.

Play continues until only one person is left with a die (or dice) and that person is the winner.


Rich Man’s Dice

A very popular variant is to allow a player to buy a new die to add to his collection by doubling the pot. This must be done after dice have been rolled and when players are claiming numbers. It cannot be done after dice have been revealed. Furthermore, one cannot go above the starting five dice.

Despite it’s name, this variant leads to smaller initial bets as people want to leave the pot small so it will be easier to buy more dice later, although the pot can grow to an enormous amount very quickly. In any particular game dice might be bought three of four times, at which point the pot begins to be a little too expensive for anyone to buy more, although this is not unheard of.

The Calling Advantage

In this variant, every time a player loses a die it is placed into a special pile somewhere between everyone. During the game if someone successfully calls another player’s claim (option 3) then they gain the pile of dice in addition to their normal amount, thus increasing their dice (this can bring them above the starting five). After they claim the pile of dice, every other player then loses one die thus creating a new pile.

This variant encourages people to use option three more often. Sometimes this can create very interesting games.

Secret Stash

This variant employs an additional die per player and cup to be used after every player receives theirs. At the beginning of the game one player is designated to roll the extra cup and place it in the middle of all the players. These dice are NOT to be looked at by ANY player, what was rolled is a secret. Players continue the round as normal. When it is time to reveal dice for counting purposes, the dice in the middle are revealed as well and counted! Thus a player must keep in mind that there are extra dice in addition to what every player has. After every round a new player is designated to roll the extra dice (usually designation will go clockwise from the previously designated). Whenever a player loses all of his dice, and thus is out, one die is also taken away from the extra cup. Thus there should only be a number of extra dice equal to the number of players still playing.

Open Stash

Based off the Secret Stash variant, open stash has a set of extra dice as well, but instead of keeping what was rolled secret, the extra dice are revealed right after they are rolled to all the players and then players may make their claims. Other than showing the dice instead of keeping them secret, this variant is used just like the Secret Stash variant.


Update Log

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Liar's Dice

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