The Day of Reckoning

Marking the beginning of the end of the Dragon War, the Day of Reckoning took place on Wind’s Fury 22, 8240. During the Assault on Onegas battle, chromatic dragon forces had the Imperial Alliance forces, with a small force of metallic dragon allies, pinned in the city of Onegas. Before the war ended in the favor of the dragons, a demonic figure appeared.

The creature launched an immediate attack on chromatic dragon foot forces, eliminating thousands of soldiers with ease as chromatic dragons flew in as reinforcements. After destroying the ground forces, the creature took to the skies, eliminating hundreds of dragons—both chromatic and metallic.

Upon this clear display of destructive malice, both the chromatic dragon forces and the Imperial Alliance forces rushed to the area, along with one of the last remaining detachments of Onegan Castle Guard Forces.

The creature transformed at that point into a living shadow, and began his final assault. With single attacks, he destroyed hundreds of the most powerful dragons in existance, dispatching the most powerful Imperial forces with ease. After dwindling both armies to mere fractions of their earlier numbers, the figure disappeared. The chromatic army retreated to lick it’s wounds, and the war ended with the Chromatic Truce.

The Day of Reckoning

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